I first came to Brazil at the age of sixteen in 2013, when I spent an exchange year in Visconde do Rio Branco, a small town in Minas Gerais. Ever since I have felt a strong connection to and fascination for the country and its people, and my experiences there have led me to pursue my career as a photographer and director.

The pictures for “Visao” were taken in 2021 and in early 2023 in Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais in Brazil. The setting for these pictures are the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, as well as the “Comunidades” Parque União and Nova Holanda in the north zone of Rio, where tourists and strangers seldom set foot inside.

In 2021 I spent three months there for my debut in documentary filmmaking, “As Brabas do Funk”, which portrays five women working in the Funk Music Scene. The film and my Book “Visao” aim to show the context surrounding Funk Music and Culture, which originated in Rio in the 1970s and has suffered from prejudice ever since. It is criticized for openly talking about violence, drugs, and explicit sexuality.

The series shows female and male bodies sweating and dancing, celebrating the freedom to express sexuality without the aim of objectifying. These images attempt to provoke the viewer to go outside of the classical codes and boundaries of sexuality. These women are in a context where they are using their sexuality as freedom of expression, not for the benefit of a male audience. The pictures are vibrant and sensual, and celebrate women’s autonomy over their bodies. They are taken by a female photographer and celebrate the feminine gaze.